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LINEart on the BAG, small logo stamps and the needle line art with my handmade style. Simple look bag turn in to my unique artwork, LINEart BAG.

First style, “LINEart bag on back”.

LINEart bag on back.

LINEart bag on back, Closer

LINEart on back

And the other look, LINEart BAG on hip.

LINEart on HIP

LINEart Bag on hip, Closer.

LINEart Bag on HIP.

With idea and some needle work skill to change the old simple basic style bag in to the new look and pound with it.


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The Lake

New art work in the LINEart Vision series.

X-ray : Lung ”

For your healthy,  paint your lung by yourself.

Pigment ink on paper, Lineart.

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Inspiration from my decoration and furniture sketch book. Collect all things up in paper, plan to apply it for silk-screen on fabric. It’ll look nice when covering on the object. I’ll show you when it done!

T-shirt design

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From ELLE magazine Thai edition.
From LUXE magazine.

From ELLE fashion week Thailand 2007, We will see most of the collections on this runway in the next year 2008. And HEADQUARTER by “Chai” present you newly collections for the coming summer. This collection is still POP, Smart simple with the beautifully designing details, as we alway love in his work. Not only that but the colour in this collection is very fascinated by rightly selection.

In Chai studio, My LINEart for silkscreen in summer 2008.

Did you see the gradient stork of ink screen on the fabric, for shirt and pants? That is my work for Chai in this 2008 summer collection. Look simple but it’s quite a hard work for 2days. At first we use pencil but ink is better, stronger and more beautiful in line.

At working for LINEstroke.In Pencil line.
Ink is better for silkscreen. not finish, need more line.

Millions of line created by 0.05 marker pen and my hand on the A1 paper, as you see in the photos. Hard but really enjoy, maybe cause my crazy in LINE.

LINEstroke for summer collection 2008.
Thank you ELLE and LUXE magazine for the photographs of this work.
cover ellecover luxe

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Hello again everyone, How about this greeting Christmas? I really enjoy a lot with this season, lots of beautiful decorating place and the christmas trees are all around!

Happy Christmas with my Santa!

And for this blog we present you a LINEart BOOT for Christmas! Just CLICK and download pdf file. Next you need to print it on the thick paper, at least 200 gram. Then cut it out, fold and glue. And how about Santa? Hope you like this one too.

Santa by LINEart

Season’s Greetings from all of us at LINEart STUDIO.

Peace for everyone on Earth

Wishing you a wonderful 2008!

Christmas with me?

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LINEart Polaroid SX70 artwork series no.1


LINEart Polaroid SX70 artwork series no.2


LINEart Polaroid SX70 artwork series no.3

Art work series for Polaroid SX-70, from my love and crazy in this beautiful design camera.

My boy, SX-70, is still work great, but sad thing is I still didn’t have the filter for taking better photography with Polaroid 600 film. I know that have many choice for ND filter ring. But I will try the DIY film pack filter before buy something, more fun!

This few week I spent lots of time with Pinhole photography and make pinhole camera, See in my Flickr if you interest. It’s wonderful and really interesting, feel like childhood again.

LINEart T-shirt design for Polaroid SX70 Lover

Available for sale as T-Shirts

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LINE art and design copyright 2006-2007 by Cherdpong Sikkhajareon.LINE art and design copyright 2006-2007 by Cherdpong Sikkhajareon.
LINE art and design copyright 2006-2007 by Cherdpong Sikkhajareon.

LINE art and design copyright 2006-2007 by Cherdpong Sikkhajareon.

LINE’s artworks for this week, I’m always love in the human line-shape. Everything in our body are very beautiful, woman or man. I create them base on the antique anatomy illustrate book.

LINE art and design copyright 2006-2007 by Cherdpong Sikkhajareon.

The first one, Skull LINEart, is now on the Tee design. See in my shop if you like, take a look closer.

LINE art and design copyright 2006-2007 by Cherdpong Sikkhajareon.

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