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Bottle in Bathroom. Look closer.

New art work in the LINEart “In Remember” series.

” Bottle in Bathroom. “

Some Balance shape and some dynamic, line in the remember.

Pigment ink on paper, Lineart.


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LINEart on the BAG, small logo stamps and the needle line art with my handmade style. Simple look bag turn in to my unique artwork, LINEart BAG.

First style, “LINEart bag on back”.

LINEart bag on back.

LINEart bag on back, Closer

LINEart on back

And the other look, LINEart BAG on hip.

LINEart on HIP

LINEart Bag on hip, Closer.

LINEart Bag on HIP.

With idea and some needle work skill to change the old simple basic style bag in to the new look and pound with it.

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A chair and the stairs. Look closer.

New art work in the LINEart “In Remember” series.

” A chair and the stairs “

Miss the old fashion of Interior Design presentation, Let’s make some line.

Pigment ink on paper, Lineart.

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The Lake

New art work in the LINEart Vision series.

X-ray : Lung ”

For your healthy,  paint your lung by yourself.

Pigment ink on paper, Lineart.

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Minolta F10 Camera
LINE camera 11
ACTIONSAMPLER FLASH by Lomography Camera
Ricoh 500G Camera
Pinhole kidzlabs fun science products Camera
This artwork is two of my camera art collection. I use the pigment ink on the paper with my own lineart style of the marker. Create my own lines that present my imagination of the black ink and the white paper.

Inspiration from my camera. Visit my Flickr to see my photos from this camera. Hope you like it.

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The vision, Building. The cityscape and the line of building, high-rise.

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Inspiration from my decoration and furniture sketch book. Collect all things up in paper, plan to apply it for silk-screen on fabric. It’ll look nice when covering on the object. I’ll show you when it done!

T-shirt design

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