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LINEart camera 07
LINEart camera 08

This artwork is two of my camera art collection. I use the pigment ink on the paper with my own lineart style of the marker. Create my own lines that present my imagination of the black ink and the white paper.

Inspiration from my camera, Fujica MA-1 and Vaseline toy camera. Visit my Flickr to see my photos from this camera. Hope you like it.


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Rolleicord IV range of TLRs Camera and LINE

Rolleicord IV range of TLRs Camera and my LINE artwork on polaroid600. I was always looking for TLRs camera in the window display of the old camera shop and wondering how wonderful design it is, beautiful and elegant, and dreaming about taking photographs with this camera, how beautiful photo and is it nicely as I had ever heard?

Now I have it! my dream camera, It’s so great and perfect condition for the used camera, nice body and still have a clearly lens. I spend about $15o, camera and the original leather cast. This’s Rolleicord IV not the Rolleiflex, as I dream, but it’s ok for my first TLRs camera. After test with BW film, the result is great, work in order and create beautiful photos, in the soft feeling and perfect detail. As the artist not the photographer, I love it. I must take time for use this camera smoothly as the other, I fall in love with it! Magic of the time.

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Pentax Spotmatic

Polaroid SX-70 Land camera ALPHA1 and LINE

Polaroid 420 Land camera and LINE

I am the one of Polaroid lover and really love the design of classic camera. (more…)

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