The Lake

New art work in the LINEart Vision series.

Vision, The Lake.

Pigment ink on paper, Lineart.


My Polaroids Photographs were publishing on the OCCHIO CLINICO Magazine, 2008 No.1

My Polaroid on OCCHIO CLINICO,cover.
My Polaroid on OCCHIO CLINICO 02
My Polaroid on OCCHIO CLINICO 03
My Polaroid on OCCHIO CLINICO 04
My Polaroid on OCCHIO CLINICO 05
The cover of OC shows Polaroid reproductions that have been processed with various, strictly non-digital manipulation techniques. This art form is also a kind of metaphor from the point of view of family medicine, for two reasons. Firstly because perhaps it is the branch of healthcare in which the tools of the trade are farthest from the technical level required for specialist practice; and secondly because before it looks at x-rays or notes, the doctor’s clinical eye first notices the features of the patient in front of him. The image picked up by the eye is never definitive and crystal clear; instead, it is affected by interferences that make the therapeutic relationship unique and inimitable.
Visit the Polaroid gallery Le Polaroid di Occhio Clinico.

Hello again everyone, This week we present you a “LINE ‘s Leaf on the box : number 05” DIY Paper box, cut and glue. Yeah! This is number 05 now, did you get the other?

Print it on the thick paper, at least 200 gram. Then cut it out, fold and glue. I was design the pattern, it’s definitely new for this box. I was sketch the pattern in many types and color design, and I hope you will like them.

I decide to make it for Free , But it has a time limited in only this Friday, 4th!

Did you miss some box? Mail me I will send it to you.

Download the template LINE ’s Leaf on the box 05 : Body

and LINE ’s Leaf on the box 05 : Top

To make it, see this. Easy and you can resize it, play!

DIY box

how to make it.

Photos from the LINE ‘s Leaf on the box : number 01

Minolta F10 Camera
LINE camera 11
ACTIONSAMPLER FLASH by Lomography Camera
Ricoh 500G Camera
Pinhole kidzlabs fun science products Camera
This artwork is two of my camera art collection. I use the pigment ink on the paper with my own lineart style of the marker. Create my own lines that present my imagination of the black ink and the white paper.

Inspiration from my camera. Visit my Flickr to see my photos from this camera. Hope you like it.

Come bake home, the nature.

Hello friend, Love dog? Here for DIY paper toy lover, LINEart Dog!
For free, Just download this file and print it out.

Use your two hand to cut and glue. Enjoy weekend!

The vision, Building. The cityscape and the line of building, high-rise.