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LINEart on the BAG, small logo stamps and the needle line art with my handmade style. Simple look bag turn in to my unique artwork, LINEart BAG.

First style, “LINEart bag on back”.

LINEart bag on back.

LINEart bag on back, Closer

LINEart on back

And the other look, LINEart BAG on hip.

LINEart on HIP

LINEart Bag on hip, Closer.

LINEart Bag on HIP.

With idea and some needle work skill to change the old simple basic style bag in to the new look and pound with it.


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PolaLINE Camera, Polaroid 660 with my LINE.

Say Hello to new member of my camera family, not totally new but he has new skin. My Polaroid 660 old camera from the second hand market, now he has new skin and style after came to me for 4 years ago. How about his new look? I really like this dazzling line on the white skin, look like stylish zebra or tattoo like printmaking. Anyway, I like it, cute!

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LINEart's toy camera : CompaLINE Camera

After create new skin for my toy panorama camera, PanoLINE.This toy camera come with water-resistant cast. The body is in the white color, I use the marker paint my line on it. And call it CompaLINE. See my flickr if you want to see how nice photo this camera take.

Everyday we’re gladly to become the owner of the newly cool design. How about you old stuff? forsake? I recreating the ordinary things we use in everyday life, simple and worthless, with the new skin and make new life of them. That’s my new project!

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LINEart design on Speakerdog!

LINEart design on Speakerdog!

And again, My “Vivace Colour!” Speakerdog by Ben the Illustrator. Really good design and nice template. I was design this boy in twin, the “MONO-CHO”, in mono color. But you will get fun with this boy cause Ben pick him for series 4.
Saw what Vivace Colour say? I take this photo from my TV when the local channel close the broadcasting, still color with sweet old song. It’s playing this picture and oldie music all night, from the past to nowadays. Love it!

Thanks Ben for pick my design in this series!

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shin tanaka , Mask hoody seeries 04

LINEart and shin tanaka , Mask hoody seeries 04


AND now you can get LINEart design in MASK HOODY [Series 04] here. Thanks SHIN for pick our design up of this series. Enjoy with them!

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e440 customized by LINEarte440 customized by LINEart

Thank you Ring for really nice template of this boy, e440.

e440 customized by LINEart

This is #24 Mr. e440 LINE, I create his new skin with my originally LINE that come from his own shape. Yes, it’ll show the beautiful of his line and assemble with my line. Hope you like my skin for him.

e440 customized by LINEart

and this is the second one, #25 Mr. e440 Green LINE. This skin use the needlework, another kind of line. Look like he wearing the white cloth with the green seam line, fashion is your skin 🙂

If you like my twin, Let’s ask Ring for their template. Print them out, cut fold glue and play!

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line hoody1

In processing

Mask Hoody 01

In processing, making Shin Tanaka’s Mask Hoody. I was plan to create 2 difference style of my artwork on Hoody skin. In this Hoody 01 I use my skill and present my design in costume and fashion, and the new skin for this paper model. Shin make his good design on this character and template, I do my best on his “skin”. This design inspired by the Gothic style and Hip-hop character, as seen in the Japanese Lolita or Goth guy and the other hand, Hip-hop culture the grown up fast all around the world.

LINE : Mask Hoody 01

Mask Hoody 01

LINE : Mask Hoody 02


LINE : Mask Hoody 02, In this Hoody, I present my LINEart, unique ink line, show my own character on Shin’s Hoody. My LINE Hoody make Shin said “They look so crazy!”, and “Your works are very original.”, Thanks Shin for the good template design character model. Really cool experience for design them on his work, COOL!
If you like my design, go to Shin Tanaka page, and download or ask for it!

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